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Blackberry Playbook - Error 3001 Solution

I got a Blackberry Playbook recently, and on booting it I kept getting the “Could not activate this tablet. (3001)” error. Through guides from various sources, I managed to find the following steps worked for me. Hopefully this guide will be helpful for someone else.

  1. Download and Install the Blackberry Desktop Software.
  2. Turn off your Playbook.
  3. Open the BDS, and connect the Playbook to the USB. (Note: the Playbook must be OFF, or it won’t detect it)
  4. A pop-up (with 3 options) will show up indicating that it can’t connect to the Playbook. Leave it as it is for now.
  5. Hard reset the Playbook. (Press volume up, volume down, and the power button simultaneously and hold for around 15 seconds.)
  6. After it resets, click “Repair” from the previous pop-up. (I’m using OSX, from the places I read, this option could be “Update” for Windows)
  7. It should scan the Playbook and asks if you want to update it. Select YES.
  8. If everything is done right so far, it should be downloading and updating something. It took me around 30 minutes or so until it finished.
  9. Disconnect the Playbook and turn it ON.
  10. You will have to go through the steps of setting the time, Blackberry ID, etc.
  11. After entering the WiFi settings, previously it will give the 3001 error. Now it’ll update (yet again) for a file around 30mb.
  12. Voila! It works.
  13. (Optional) Update Tetris and Need For Speed Underground (this game is still around??).

See? It just works!